NABERS & Green Star environmental rating systems

Solution Consultants offers NABERS and Green Star compliant design and engineering services to business owners throughout Australia. In the past, energy efficient design and engineering was known to be desirable for building development, yet was rarely followed. When buildings were actually created, the high cost of installing environmentally sustainable design elements often deterred builders and owners from following those ideals.

Today, that is beginning to change, as more and more Australians are realizing the need for green initiatives in building design. Green Star estimates that 11 percent of all Commercial Building Disclosures (CBD) for commercial office buildings are now Green Star certified. Soon, office buildings and their owners will be required to disclose the energy efficiency of their buildings in a CBD using the NABERS energy rating system. We help businesses comply with both of these ratings systems, so they can build a sustainable building while complying with the trends and upcoming laws.

In addition to providing designs that conform to NABERS energy ratings, we also provide analysis services for existing buildings, helping property owners see where their businesses fall in the rating systems. Solution Consultants can also create CBDs for existing designs or properties, determine the NABERS and Green Star rating for a building and provide a full building Section J analysis.

Today, creating an energy efficient, sustainable building design is not a legislative requirement. However, in order to reach a growing population of energy-conscious Australians, it is a requirement to maintain a competitive edge. Solution Consultants will show you where your building sits now and help you make plans to become more energy efficient as you grow toward the future.