There is some robust debate on the subject of global warming. Is the world actually warming? Is man made CO2 to blame if the world is warming? Is global warming just another Y2K beat up? There is some compelling evidence to suggest that it is.

Whatever the arguments may be regarding global warming they are actually almost totally irrelevant. The issue that is probably driving all of this is fossil fuels. The whole of the developed and industrialised world is utterly reliant on fossil fuel particularly crude oil and natural gas. There is only a finite amount in existence and the world is consuming it at a prodigious rate. There are as yet no other viable alternatives to crude oil and fossil fuels and anything that slows the rate of consumption of these irreplaceable commodities is not a matter of social conscience, it’s an absolute necessity.



Solution Consultants and its specialist staff have a strong background in the field of sustainability, energy and building efficiency. Clive Girling was one of the original partner support managers assigned in 1997 by the ground breaking NSW Government SEDA organisation (Sustainable Energy Development Authority). In this role practical and commercially viable advice was provided to a range of NSW National and International clients wishing to participate in the ESD programme. SEDA and its partner support managers set many of the energy benchmarks that exist today.

We have more than a decade of practical experience in this vitally important field. SEDA partners included AMP, Hilton Hotels, P&O Australia, Qantas and Star City.



The building services installed to serve a building or group of buildings is perhaps the most important elements of the building. They allow the building to function and provide the facilities the owner wants.

As the market becomes ever more conscious of global warming and the need to be sensitive to energy and resource management, the integration of the building with the services that gives it life is of ever increasing importance.